Basic SEO

by atillaordog

In my days as a linksearcher I had some insight into how search engine optimization works.

It is clear to me that the easiest way to optimize a site is to pay to the search engine to put your site in a good position.

However, there are other ways, too, simple things.


What I want to talk about in this article is link directories. Every new website needs to have some back-links to start with. Link directories are the best way to provide a push for starting websites, especially if the site is small and needs a way to start its life. Big sites have huge marketing, they do not need link directories, but if the site is for example a small gallery of some work a person does, it can really come to life if linked to it properly.

Now proper linking means selecting 2-3 keywords that best describe the site and use these keywords in texts that host the link toward the site. Link directories know this and they are built exactly the way to satisfy this need.

All someone needs is 50-100 links from different sources mainly to the home page, but also to inner pages, and the site has a basic back-link structure to start its life with.

If the site grows, of course, these links can be deleted one by one to make way for the bigger, better links.

I also did this job, so if you have any questions regarding my experience in this just fire away.