Things you would pay a small sum for

I have a question to you all: Is there, or are there things you would pay for or offer something in return for, in the field of IT?

This question means the following: you probably have met things on your computer or in any electrical device that you considered not well made or you would do it differently. Usually the problem is that you do not possess the required knowledge and skill set to make that thing as you would like. Now how does it sound that you could do it or you could have it, by only asking it? You would of course somehow show your appreciation, usually this means financials, but it could mean anything.


I am asking this question, because I like to solve small and fun problems and tasks regarding IT but not limited to. And I would like you guys to give me ideas, I can solve them and we can come to a deal regarding the payment.

Everybody  would benefit from this 🙂


Also, by answering the question, you could point me in the modern simple interest of people, thus offering me a possibility to create something that everybody wants.

Thanks in advance, comments are welcome 🙂