PHP Infinity tree


I created a new library to handle infinite depth trees. I came up with the idea and the necessity because I always struggled to find a good library that can be simply loaded and used for infinite depth category trees, whole sub-node movements, easy node movements and such.

Also my main concern was how the tree gets stored in the database. I came up with a new idea based on MPTT, that stores the data in linear style, not using up much extra space and does not require recursive functionality in the storage. The tree itself is built up by a recursive function that builds the tree using N iterations, no overhead.


So, the whole thing is quick, runs smoothly and deals with only the tree, nothing else.

You would ask: how can it be implemented?

This library simply adds a PHP interface to infinite depth trees. That’s it. But since it uses namespaces and replaceable adapters, it can be easily implemented anywhere.

So, let’s see the library:

A fully working example and the full documentation can be found at:

PHP Infinity Tree example and documentation

You can purchase the library here:

PHP Infinity Tree on Gadratil Programming

If you have any questions, just ask. Also, if you need implementation, I would gladly help you.